Dec 2, 2007

About Me

Thanks for visiting... I am using this as an archive for some of my published writing, and also as a vehicle for everyday adventure stories. Be well, am

Pike in solitude

This feature story highlights the rewards of ice fishing in out-of-the-way places, accessible only by foot travel. Appeared in the December-January 2006 Wisconsin Outdoor Journal.
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Wisconsin Outdoor Journal Calendar Project

I worked as the head coordinator for the 2005 Wisconsin Outdoor Journal Calendar as part of my internship at F&W Publications. Attention to detail and space, along with selection of photographs and research on seasonal events important to outdoors enthusiasts were key components of this project.
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Planetarium Preview

A preview article I wrote about UW-Stevens Point's planetarium programming for the summer months. Appeared in Wausau's City Pages, June 2005.
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Garden Party

I wrote this story for Madison's Eastside News, August 2005, about the collaboration between a local tap dance studio and the neighborhood 'curb gardens' nearby.
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Phosphorus ban could help urban lakes

I wrote this story for Wisconsin Outdoor Journal's May 2008 issue. Spoke with numerous sources including State Senators and Representatives about proposed legislation that would ban phosphorus from fertilizers, a move that would help reduce algae in urban lakes and watersheds.
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