May 11, 2011

Crazy Hike

Myself and Mike Kwas failed to reach Rose Falls a week earlier, due to the Daniels Lake Spur being a raging stream, so we set out again via a different, and much more difficult route along the border, ending with a stretch along the infamous Caribou Rock Trail, which I am told is rated as 'extreme'...
The 11-12 mile route was all hills, featuring lots of great vistas over South, Rat, Rose, Duncan, Moss and West Bearskin Lakes, several of those looking north into the Canadian wilds. I had paddled up to Rose Falls once before, but with the early spring melt going full-bore, the falls was really churning on this fine Sunday.
I was really sore (still am three days later), and I was definitely not in good enough shape to try this hike, but I am glad we took on the challenge and completed it safely. Saw a few grouse and many interesting plants. I have more pictures and information about our route in my Wild Almanac logbook, if you are interested.