Jan 30, 2012

A good day for Brussels sprouts

After a long weekend up north the thought of any beer or meat or cheese was extremely unappealing. The fridge was close to empty so I paid a visit to my friendly grocer this morning, and was surprised to find some Wisconsin-grown "chop chop bok choy" and these Brussels sprouts. 

Haven't eaten Brussels sprouts in years, but for some reason they looked really tasty, so I put them in the cart. I had nothing in mind but figured I could find a use for them. When I got back home I jumped online and found a recipe for dijon-braised Brussels sprouts that I had bookmarked a while back. I was excited until I realized my kitchen didn't have half the ingredients (who drank all my white wine!?!).
It mattered not. I had to have Brussels sprouts for lunch. Now. 

So I improvised. Halved and sauteed the sprouts in butter, then added chicken broth, salt and pepper to taste, and some green onions. After letting that simmer for ten minutes I realized I didn't even have Dijon mustard! Drat! But there was no turning back now so I added some Zups Hot Mustard (which goes well with anything) and completed the dish. It was really good. I always remembered Brussels sprouts being terribly bitter but these were rich and sweet. 

Total cooking/prep time: 22 minutes.